Lumiere - Lip Scrub e Primer

segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009 |

I was keeping track of Lumiere’s Lip Scrub and Primer for a while and magically, last week I ended earned both with more things.
I’m going to start talking about the Lip Scrub, which for the ones that doesn’t know, is a lip exfoliating product, made of sugar and oil, which are great to exfoliate and moisture.

It doesn’t taste very well, because it was not made to be eaten and for sure was to made miracles on my mouth =D

I like to exfoliate my lips almost every day, because this chilly weather dries them very easily. That of course, before I started using the Lip Scrub!

It makes my mouth so smooth and soft, which makes me want to pamper it all the time lol

And the size of the pot is large and last a lot, because you use only a little to exfoliate!

Yet the Primer, I also only have praises!

I always use before make up and it leaves the skin very soft!

Serves also to use before eye shadows, without forgetting to let it dry a bit.

It does not smell and have no color, suggested for all kinds of skin =)

It makes the make up last twice, mainly powder and mineral make up, which are the most easy to disappear.

Lip Scrub + Primer = Soft mouth and skin for the rest of the day =)

New Purchases

terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009 |

Hello girls, how was your weekend ?
Mine was nice and with some shopping, of course hehe!

They were in a bazaar that happened here in my city =)
I went to the bazaar with my boyfriend and I just fo
und international makeups and other things .. which is hard to find here unfortunately

Well .. I will not show it well because I will do a detailed post t
omorrow showing better =) So here are some of the things that I acquired in the weekend:

Venus Lipgloss

When I saw those I quickly grabbed haha
I was a little indecisive in color ... but when I arrived at home I saw no difference because when I used the gloss the color disappeared quickly and only left the glitter in the mouth

Ralph Lauren Perfume - Romance

At the time I smelled of perfume was like love at first sight
When I arrived at home I tried on my body and the smell was a little different .. but it was just for a few minutes.
It has a very strong fixation which last about 8 hours =)

St. Ives Makeup Remover

The smell of this one is very niceee *__*
but it happened the same as the perfume, the smell changed on my body =/
I think its a little sticky for a few minutes and I don't know if it works very well because its my first makeup remover

Samples of Kerasys Hair
That was incredible find .. I know they are just samples but I would never those here
I did not try yet but I think they are nice

these were my last purchases have a great week and wait that I come back with more updates =) xoxo

Boyfriend's Gifts

domingo, 17 de maio de 2009 |

Hello girls, hope everything is ok with you all! I apologize for my absence here on the blog ...
The reason is my BF (boyfriend) .. yes, my boyfriend will
spend some weeks with me and so I am a little "busy" (if you know what I mean) =p

In this post I will show some things that I chose !
*my boyfriend
bought and he didn't allow me to pay* =)
Isn't it cute? hahaha

I chose cheap things , so that I can show you these things can also work .. well, I can assure you that many of them are really great!

First I want to show the brush
.. I know that it is difficult to talk about brushes when you do not have many, so when we talk about them is good to have a good quantity to compare!
* This is not my case since my brushes are few and only the essential*

I have already seen girls saying that ELF brushes are too hard .. but I do not think so! It is soft, but my eyes are small and the use of brush gets a little difficult .. but it spreads very well the pigment ! Ah .. they do not smell after you wash it!

The Keli is very good but it also stinky .. I had to wash twice and it still smell a bit ... He is very big and it spreads very well the powder. The handle is easy to use!

This brush set doesn't have a name but are easily found.
Four of them are my favorites. One for blush, other for eyeshadows, other for concave and another
for eyebrows... The outliner is too hard and can hurt your eyes. Discarding it you get a nice set. They come in a lether case and you can find them on eBay.

The eyeshadows are pigmented and last without primer. They worth buying, because you pay very cheap for those on eBay too . The colors are vivid, however you can't choose which ones you want in the set (they have sets of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 72, 144 colors)

(its a size reference with 2 grams Lumiere eyeshadow )

And to finish, the nail stickers that fix very well and are really cute.

have a naughty day =p

Eyeko Beauty Product's

sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009 |

Well ... I won some products Eyeko and would like to share my views with you =)

*all photos were taken without flash and all show exactly how the colors of the products*

I start talking about the :
Touch Up & Glow (Highlighter)
Touch Up & Go (Concealer)

As you can see the packaging is really cute !!

The Highlighter and Concealer are pens that to
leave the net ... you need rotate the rear of the pen !
*Be careful not to rotate many, the product can take to exit then turn once and wait!*

Touch Up & Glow (Highlighter) -> I like the highlighter .. he has pink sparkles that I loved ! Only that I would prefer to apply with a brush so I can leave more natural !

You use go in your eyes or on their cheeks =)

*Enlarge the photo if you want to see better the color*

Here you can see the glare that said .. they are not illuminated .. are discreet ! I believe the day is nice to use since not exaggerating

Touch Up & Go (Concealer) -> First I thought it was strange the Eyeko have done only one color of Concealer ... is that there are many colors of skin! Even that the color is many dark than my skin color .. he just hiding bit of my panda eyes! haha
He is very liquid and take care not to leave much out of the pen! Balance and rotate the pen!

Of Course this Concealer does not compare with the Bobbi Brown , P & J and others ... but if you need a cheap and practical Concealer, this is a great solution!

I also got the Fat balm eyeko =)
this was one of the more that
I expected!
As always .. packing Eyeko is so cute ... I like it so much ! My Fat balm is flavor Minty.. Hmm smell it is so good, reminds me very mint =)
I like to pass it on lips, but it also serves the blush !
He has a very different color of all that is in my mouth !
.. I move the Fat balm before sleeping and when my mouth is agreement hydrated again =)

Ah ! Eyeko products have no petrolatum .. is not great ? =)
I really want to experience the Manga Book, Eyes beauty and mascara !

Kisses my flowers! I hope you enjoyed =)

Lip Fusion Plump

quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009 |

Hello my loves! Well ... Today I will talk about
Lip Fusion Plump !
Most know is the brightness that is numbness in his mouth and then make it grow miraculously =D

Photos from : Brigettes Boutique

To show the best of such gloss I put here the video of Michelle Phan that shows how they work Look !

I liked a lot of gloss! It lasts in the mouth and so far was the best of Plumpers already tried that! You know when those cracked lips? Then I used the Lip Fusion they disappeared! The lipstick is something
d and I love it is so nice *__*"

Apart from the Lip Fusion was launched ..
Lip Fusion Plump & Replump that promise to leave their large lips throughout the day!
Not yet tested this .. but if someone have tested please let us kno
w how it works!

" The next generation of lip plumping has arrived. LipFusion® Plump+RePlump Liquid Lipstick actually replumps every time you lick your lips! A breakthrough formula instantly plumps and hydrates using LipFusion's award-winning micro-injected collagen® and micro-injected hyaluronic acid® technology, while delivering rich, creamy, long-wearing liquid color. A breakthrough "lip matrix maximizer" reactivates with moisture to smooth, and re-plump all day.

The result? Fuller, firmer, sexier lips than ever before "

I tried in several places this miracle lipies prices! And the place that impressed me most was the price the store Brigette Boutique! Here are the prices and see how the store is a difference scary!

Fusion Beauty
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 38
Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 38

Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 38
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 38

Brigettes Boutique
Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 16
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 20

Besides Brigettes have a great price on Fusion Lip Plump
.. they also sell the Lip Plump's Victoria's Secret!

Victoria's Secret Very Voluptous Lip Plumper U$ 13

If you buy some of these Lipies .. please let me know! I want your experience =)

China Glaze

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009 |

Yes I won my first china glaze in the Giveaway blog of Abigail !
She is so sweet and nice .. I am very happy because now I have a china glaze to small decorata my nails!

Loved the color despite being a little different than I imagined
.. but I am happy the same way hehe =)

Here is my china glaze .. Hmm smell of new (love it!)

Funny that before receiving my package I was not fan of red nail haha

.. but that changed when I received my first china glaze!

I spent two layers on my nails .. and they were the color I wanted! When I saw the size of the enamel I was impressed because it is large compared to my other haha

[up] Although I am so happy to have received my first international enamel ... China Glaze is not all I thought! it is more expensive and is an enamel that peels easily Dries quickly but in a day =/
I only recommend it to a variety of beautiful colors and great size!

I painted my nails on Friday ... and on Saturday he was peels in several fingers haha could not have imagined that I'd need a top coat haha

But then .. which the enamel that you are now? Haha I'm curious, XOXO =)

Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss

sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009 |

What it does:

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss combines a girl's two favorite things: guys
and gloss! Whether you swoon for a future senator or a tree hugger, one of the many men in this collection is sure to please you. With the tilt of the tube, your well-dressed man will be stripped to his undies! Front and rear photos are included for your viewing pleasure, and the flat tube slides right into your pocket. And, this lip gloss formula is so slick and cushiony you would love it even if it were packaged in a plain ol' squeezy tube. Each highly pigmented shade varies in opacity and finish, and the crème brûlée flavor will satiate your sweet tooth. The formula contains Hyaluronic Spheres known to improve cellular function, prevent dehydration, and fill in lines and wrinkles. The brush applicator is ideal for blending and if you give the tube a rub, pheromones are released into the air to enhance mood and sexual attraction

Jesus christ .. ô__o invent everything .. not ?

Is it really that lipgloss is all you promised? ... I'm crazy to try it!

And hmm .. I would be with David or Timothy haha

My First Smashbox


So nice to receive a visit from the postman every day ^___^
I am super happy because I have news to post in this blog!

My first was purchased in Smashbox site Brigette's Boutique .. of which I trust very much and guide to all!

My first Smashbox palette is a mini Tokidoki Celebritá !

When I saw the packaging of products .. was passion at first sight =)

I have not had time nor opportunity to test the eyeshadows .. but only to see, I love all colors! And I think they are very light to use in day-to-day

I will make a makeup with these colors for a day of Easter in my school .. haha I have to go to school with rabbit ears .. then I will make a light makeup and combining

AH! Brigette visit the site .. he is known
super brands with great prices and wonderful! Please =)

Lumiere Cosmetics


Yeeeah! I'm so happy =)
Last week a package arrived with some products Lumiere for me !
And sorry it took to post here .. is that my sister had taken my digital camera loaned ..

1 Blush | 2 Foundation powder | 3 Silk powder | 2 Eyeshadow | 1 Eye pigment

First photo :
Foundation Medium Golden and Eye pigment Hypnotic

Second Photo :
Eye Shadow Raspberry Truffle and Eye Shadow Cafe Latte

Daily use the blush and the Silk Powder .. I love the setting of two of! During the morning they last on average 4 hours on my face ! I think a good fixing for mineral makeup .. Best of all is that makeup ... not smell! I find it very important because I do not like the smell of dead in my makeups Puahahaha !!

Lumiere Cosmetics

Contest Giveaway in NYX

terça-feira, 24 de março de 2009 |

Are you the #1 fan of NYX Cosmetics & Maite?
Winner receive Maite's clothes and over $100 in NYX cosmetics!
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤ ㅤ

Here's how to find out:

1. Send an email to including:

• Your contact information:
Full Name, Phone Number, Email Address.

• A photo of you. JPG or GIF files accepted only.
Make sure the image is 200k or less.

• Describe the steps you do to create your favorite
look with NYX makeup.

• Write a short paragraph as to why you love
NYX cosmetics and Maite Perroni.

2. On April 15, 2009, your picture and profile will be posted up along with all the other applicants. Tell your family and friends and have them vote for you at!

3. If you are the winner, you will be notified by email. The winner will receive this outfit worn by Maite during her NYX photoshoot + $100 worth of NYX makeup!

Rules & Regulations
• Please note that there is only 1 vote per person. Any exceeding
that will be disqualified (or not counted)
• All applicant entries must be made by April 8, 2009.

Tag Tag Tag

quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009 |

Today I received another tag from my beloved friends .. Applecider and Kendall (love them <3)

10 things about me :

1) Loved makeup, but I do not have many because I do not have much money to spend on this, and I still do not work ..

2) I love a man with 7 years older than me .. and he lives in another city, we see every month .. but I miss him a lot ! ..

3) I am a maniac for packing and boxes of presents! I buy everything I see first-packing .. if she is pretty I buy the product LOL

4) I am Brazilian and I love my blog,i suffered prejudice .. but do not quit on my blog because I love it!

5) I love lemon suck! loved loved lemon!

6) I love Japanese things, candy , Purses, makeup .. !

7) I like to watch tv but lately I'm not half time .. I therefore dedicate more with things related to internet!

8) I do not use slippers at home .. LOL I like walking barefoot

9) I am the youngest of the family, and love win things for my parents!

10) Creating this blog was a huge help in my life, I was a little depressed now and I am happy .. My best friends ~!

Step this tag for these beautiful girls :

Vanessa | Kathi | Stephanie | Heyitsria | Bunnie | Fafi

The right now tag

sábado, 14 de março de 2009 |

Well .. I received this tag from my friend Czel then i have to answer all the questions =)

Answers should all be “at the current moment.” then coome ooon!

1. Where is your cell phone - in side of the computer
2. Your hair – is brown and long
3. Your father – My father is working (love him!)
4. Your favorite thing - Shop and win gifts from friends
5. Your dream last night – I dreamed that I was biting my boyfriend ol

6. Your favorite drink – juice of the pineapple with mint

7. Your dream goal – be happy for many years with my boyfriend, that my whole family always has health .. and I buy new makeup
8. The room you are in - living room
9. Your fear – death in the family
10. Where do you want to be in 6 years – with my boyfriend walking in Japan

11. Muffins – never eat

12. One of your wish list items – a netbook and new makeup LOL
13. Where you grew up – Brazil
14. The last thing you did (before answering these questions) – I read the blogs of my friends
15. What are you wearing – shorts and shirt

16. Your TV - 21 LG

17. Your pets - I have 2 dogs (Cindy and Yuki)
18. Your computer - a machine old and big LOL
19. Your life – I love my life .. this is crazy but .. i love =)
20. Your mood – looks good so far

21. Missing someone – my boyfriend T_T

22. Your car – I have no car, but my boyfriend is of particular driver
23. Favorite store – Hm .. I have several, but they are in Brazil must not believe that comment haha
24. Your summer – I love summer, love going to beach, very sunny ! buy ultra small bikinis and I burn my ass haha
25. Your favorite color/s - purple, black, green .. etc

26. When was the last time you laughed – yesterday

27. When was the last time you cried – two weeks ago
28. Last person who emailed you – my boyfriend =)
29. Your favorite food – lasagna, french fries, beef stroganoff!
30. A place you would rather be right now - in bed with my boyfriend

I would like to pass this tag to 5 of my favorite bloggers <3
Anastacia | My Sweet Fix | Ekimura | Ning star | Kendall

New Product Eyeko

segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2009 |

Look at that cute ..

The Eyeko launched a new product: Eyeko Lip Gloss
Three scent-sational lip gloss TINS loaded
with moisturising shine and glitter!

Eyeko Cheeky Cherry Lip Gloss
Delicious lip-smacking cherry gloss with a hint of a tint and
iridescent glitter for a gorgeous grin.

Eyeko Creamy Cupcake Lip Gloss
Frosting for your lips! Be greedy and pile on clear gloss
rich with sprinkles for a luscious lip look!

Eyeko Rosy Pink Lip Gloss
For a taste of la vie en rose dip into this sheer pretty pink
gloss poured into a vintage tattoo inspired tin.

Is Carnival

terça-feira, 24 de fevereiro de 2009 |

Haha! Today is holiday , uhul !
The country is distracted with the carnival!

I like the carnival, much entertainment, tourists !

I love to see people having fun, jumping and dancing! Without forgetting the queen of batteries .. those in schools of samba dancing!
.. their clothes are beautiful, full of brightness and flawless makeup!

I do not know samba right .. but I wanted to learn ~
Who knows the next carnival I already beast in samba HAHAHA