New Purchases

terça-feira, 2 de junho de 2009 |

Hello girls, how was your weekend ?
Mine was nice and with some shopping, of course hehe!

They were in a bazaar that happened here in my city =)
I went to the bazaar with my boyfriend and I just fo
und international makeups and other things .. which is hard to find here unfortunately

Well .. I will not show it well because I will do a detailed post t
omorrow showing better =) So here are some of the things that I acquired in the weekend:

Venus Lipgloss

When I saw those I quickly grabbed haha
I was a little indecisive in color ... but when I arrived at home I saw no difference because when I used the gloss the color disappeared quickly and only left the glitter in the mouth

Ralph Lauren Perfume - Romance

At the time I smelled of perfume was like love at first sight
When I arrived at home I tried on my body and the smell was a little different .. but it was just for a few minutes.
It has a very strong fixation which last about 8 hours =)

St. Ives Makeup Remover

The smell of this one is very niceee *__*
but it happened the same as the perfume, the smell changed on my body =/
I think its a little sticky for a few minutes and I don't know if it works very well because its my first makeup remover

Samples of Kerasys Hair
That was incredible find .. I know they are just samples but I would never those here
I did not try yet but I think they are nice

these were my last purchases have a great week and wait that I come back with more updates =) xoxo