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Before applying the makeup, it is important to go through a process of cleaning, exfoliation and moisturizing skin:

* The cleaning is essential to remove the impurities and excess oil ;

* The exfoliation helps to remove the layer of dead cells , leaving the skin soft and fine ;

* The moisturizer should be preferably with a solar filter.

How to Apply Makeup

1. Basic Facial
Give preference to bases liquid or creamy because ressecam least the skin. Better to spread the base, use a damp sponge in water. Apply a clear base that their skin on the forehead, side of the nose, mouth and chin, to soften the lines and "illuminate" the face.

2. Correctives

To disguise olheiras, use a corrective clear that
the tone of the base. Corrective tone slightly better olheiras correct green and bones.

3. Facial Powder (Compact or translucent)
The function of facial powder is to standardize the skin - especially after using corrective - and help in setting the makeup. But if your skin is good, you will not need to use it. Be careful not to exaggerate the amount to your face does not look like a "skin".
The application is very simple. Use this thicker brush or the powder compact, the sponge.

4. Shadow
Dark shadows fall eyes ; clear increase the eye shadows.

The shadow should be applied with a stronge
r tone in the outside corners, and near the cilia, and tone more clear on top, very close to the root of the eyebrows. Be careful not to exaggerate the quantity and try to use only on special occasions.

5. Delineator

For best effect, a
pply the shadow before the eye liner. This should be applied with a uniform layer and near the root of cilia higher, from inside to outside eyes.

If you want a dash and thin, use only t
he tip of the brush or pencil. There are already applicators whose brush is hard with the tip well and fine. Are best for those who do not have much skill or firmly in hand. If you want a thicker line, slightly tilting the tip of the brush.

To apply the design more easily, use a mirror on the table.
Apply the first half of the lid for the outside corners. Then make a thin line of the center of the lid for the internal corner.

6. Mascara

To lengthen the eyelashes, apply mascara on at least two layers. Use it only in cilia higher, to let the natural look. Not to smudge the mascara, the eyelashes with dry hair. Keep your eyes closed to non-irritated them.

If your mascara is resected, apply a few drops of saline solution, so it can be used more apply a few drops of saline solution, so it can be used a few more times.

7. Blush

Applies with a small brush layer of Blush apples in the face, with light strokes. The Blush should be used in moderate quantities so as not to
give an artificial appearance. The excess must be removed with a sponge containing powder compact.

If you want to "extend" your face, apply blush at the ears, pulling the brush toward the front of the apples. If you want to let him thinner, apply in temples (between the eyebrows and the apple of the face) and pull the apples of the face.

8. Lipstick

To fix the lipstick, apply it and remove the excess with absorbent paper, pass a layer of compact powder and apply another layer of

To increase your lips, draw the natural contour of them with a pencil a little darker that the lipstick, on the outside of the lips, to smoke the mark with a brush and apply the lipstick. Use a lighter tone and scintillating in the central part of the lower lips. Use and abuse of gloss and shine.

To reduce the lips, draw the outline for the inside of the lips with a pencil more clear that the lipstick you will use. Avoid gloss and gloss, lipsticks use dark and opaque.

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