Lumiere - Lip Scrub e Primer

segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009 |

I was keeping track of Lumiere’s Lip Scrub and Primer for a while and magically, last week I ended earned both with more things.
I’m going to start talking about the Lip Scrub, which for the ones that doesn’t know, is a lip exfoliating product, made of sugar and oil, which are great to exfoliate and moisture.

It doesn’t taste very well, because it was not made to be eaten and for sure was to made miracles on my mouth =D

I like to exfoliate my lips almost every day, because this chilly weather dries them very easily. That of course, before I started using the Lip Scrub!

It makes my mouth so smooth and soft, which makes me want to pamper it all the time lol

And the size of the pot is large and last a lot, because you use only a little to exfoliate!

Yet the Primer, I also only have praises!

I always use before make up and it leaves the skin very soft!

Serves also to use before eye shadows, without forgetting to let it dry a bit.

It does not smell and have no color, suggested for all kinds of skin =)

It makes the make up last twice, mainly powder and mineral make up, which are the most easy to disappear.

Lip Scrub + Primer = Soft mouth and skin for the rest of the day =)

5 comentários:

Emily disse...

thanks for the tip

♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ disse...

I want a lip miracle!!!!

Viva La Fashion disse...

i think the lip scrub would work for me. :)

Anita (*swtexcape*) disse...

this looks interesting :) i usually just take a bit of sugar and rub it on my lips. you have a cute blog! xx

Shop N' Chomp disse...

I am all for soft lips! =)

P.S Thanks for following my blog! I am following yours too.