Sorry If Disappearance

quarta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2009 |

I apologize if went missing here, but I promise that I am starting to post on the blog ever!

and a few days I'm going to be doing a lot both for my readers from other places like Brazil! ~

I made a partnership with Patricia blog "cuidados com a pele" !
It will supply two kits to be drawn, one for those who live in Brazil and
another for those who live in other countries !!!
But I put it here later when I launch the sweepstakes, so be careful girls huh =p

These days that many things happened I was outside,
and they were good and unfortunately bad news

I'm half depressed and that is so bad > _ <

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xppinkx disse...

Hey doll

Cheer up dont be depressed!!! i know school sucks but eventually it will pay off! hope your doing well and keep postin girl!!!