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quarta-feira, 18 de março de 2009 |

Today I received another tag from my beloved friends .. Applecider and Kendall (love them <3)

10 things about me :

1) Loved makeup, but I do not have many because I do not have much money to spend on this, and I still do not work ..

2) I love a man with 7 years older than me .. and he lives in another city, we see every month .. but I miss him a lot ! ..

3) I am a maniac for packing and boxes of presents! I buy everything I see first-packing .. if she is pretty I buy the product LOL

4) I am Brazilian and I love my blog,i suffered prejudice .. but do not quit on my blog because I love it!

5) I love lemon suck! loved loved lemon!

6) I love Japanese things, candy , Purses, makeup .. !

7) I like to watch tv but lately I'm not half time .. I therefore dedicate more with things related to internet!

8) I do not use slippers at home .. LOL I like walking barefoot

9) I am the youngest of the family, and love win things for my parents!

10) Creating this blog was a huge help in my life, I was a little depressed now and I am happy .. My best friends ~!

Step this tag for these beautiful girls :

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3 comentários:

Anônimo disse...

i love being barefoot at home too!! good to know ur happy now... always cheer up..life is beautiful!

applecider918 disse...

I always thought I was strange because I love sucking on lemons too! But its supposedly bad for your teeth...

♥ Kendall ♥ disse...

I never wear shoes in my house!!! :)
I discovered Blogger durning a time when I was depressed :(
Your right though, I've made the BESTEST friends from Blogger. Too bad we are all over the WORLD!!