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domingo, 17 de maio de 2009 |

Hello girls, hope everything is ok with you all! I apologize for my absence here on the blog ...
The reason is my BF (boyfriend) .. yes, my boyfriend will
spend some weeks with me and so I am a little "busy" (if you know what I mean) =p

In this post I will show some things that I chose !
*my boyfriend
bought and he didn't allow me to pay* =)
Isn't it cute? hahaha

I chose cheap things , so that I can show you these things can also work .. well, I can assure you that many of them are really great!

First I want to show the brush
.. I know that it is difficult to talk about brushes when you do not have many, so when we talk about them is good to have a good quantity to compare!
* This is not my case since my brushes are few and only the essential*

I have already seen girls saying that ELF brushes are too hard .. but I do not think so! It is soft, but my eyes are small and the use of brush gets a little difficult .. but it spreads very well the pigment ! Ah .. they do not smell after you wash it!

The Keli is very good but it also stinky .. I had to wash twice and it still smell a bit ... He is very big and it spreads very well the powder. The handle is easy to use!

This brush set doesn't have a name but are easily found.
Four of them are my favorites. One for blush, other for eyeshadows, other for concave and another
for eyebrows... The outliner is too hard and can hurt your eyes. Discarding it you get a nice set. They come in a lether case and you can find them on eBay.

The eyeshadows are pigmented and last without primer. They worth buying, because you pay very cheap for those on eBay too . The colors are vivid, however you can't choose which ones you want in the set (they have sets of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 72, 144 colors)

(its a size reference with 2 grams Lumiere eyeshadow )

And to finish, the nail stickers that fix very well and are really cute.

have a naughty day =p

11 comentários:

Tamara disse...

OMG! I love love love love the fruit nail stickers! ME WANTS *steals* xD!

They're so damn adorable and kind of cartoonish, I would surly try to eat them off, tehehe..

ning * star disse...

oh, the fruits nail stickers... omg, that is sooo cute!
u should try eco tool brush next time, it is soo nice and worth to try ;)

applecider918 disse...

ooh! the nail stickers are the cutest!

LipStick Staiin disse...

awww wut a sweet boyfriend!! unlike mines.. he'll say one thing n it just never happens.. hes such a liar!!!!!!!! sigh*


MiuMiu disse...

your bf is so sweet!
nice brush set, my collection is so small hehe..but good brushes are so expensive!

DSK disse...

There's nothing like spending time with the bf <3

fuzkittie disse...

Awww didn't allow you to pay!! Haha that's the best~ :]

Vanity's Child disse...

hi sis!

is that large brush from elf too? or a different brand?

♥ Kendall ♥ disse...

I love the nail stickers!!! Have fun with your boyfriend!!! ;)

Blair disse...

So sweet of him to pay for you!!

Iyah disse...

Your bf is so sweet to pay for all of these stuff :) Very pretty! I like the brush set :)