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sexta-feira, 8 de maio de 2009 |

Well ... I won some products Eyeko and would like to share my views with you =)

*all photos were taken without flash and all show exactly how the colors of the products*

I start talking about the :
Touch Up & Glow (Highlighter)
Touch Up & Go (Concealer)

As you can see the packaging is really cute !!

The Highlighter and Concealer are pens that to
leave the net ... you need rotate the rear of the pen !
*Be careful not to rotate many, the product can take to exit then turn once and wait!*

Touch Up & Glow (Highlighter) -> I like the highlighter .. he has pink sparkles that I loved ! Only that I would prefer to apply with a brush so I can leave more natural !

You use go in your eyes or on their cheeks =)

*Enlarge the photo if you want to see better the color*

Here you can see the glare that said .. they are not illuminated .. are discreet ! I believe the day is nice to use since not exaggerating

Touch Up & Go (Concealer) -> First I thought it was strange the Eyeko have done only one color of Concealer ... is that there are many colors of skin! Even that the color is many dark than my skin color .. he just hiding bit of my panda eyes! haha
He is very liquid and take care not to leave much out of the pen! Balance and rotate the pen!

Of Course this Concealer does not compare with the Bobbi Brown , P & J and others ... but if you need a cheap and practical Concealer, this is a great solution!

I also got the Fat balm eyeko =)
this was one of the more that
I expected!
As always .. packing Eyeko is so cute ... I like it so much ! My Fat balm is flavor Minty.. Hmm smell it is so good, reminds me very mint =)
I like to pass it on lips, but it also serves the blush !
He has a very different color of all that is in my mouth !
.. I move the Fat balm before sleeping and when my mouth is agreement hydrated again =)

Ah ! Eyeko products have no petrolatum .. is not great ? =)
I really want to experience the Manga Book, Eyes beauty and mascara !

Kisses my flowers! I hope you enjoyed =)

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fuzkittie disse...

Nice Eyeko haul, the products are very cute!

Pop Champagne disse...

I love how cute the products look!

applecider918 disse...

ooh! the fat balm looks so cute!

eclecticsatire disse...

he Fat Balm looks so cute! :D


ning * star disse...

that fat balm look really cute!

Keziah Ann disse...

how do you get free eyeko prods??