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quinta-feira, 30 de abril de 2009 |

Hello my loves! Well ... Today I will talk about
Lip Fusion Plump !
Most know is the brightness that is numbness in his mouth and then make it grow miraculously =D

Photos from : Brigettes Boutique

To show the best of such gloss I put here the video of Michelle Phan that shows how they work Look !

I liked a lot of gloss! It lasts in the mouth and so far was the best of Plumpers already tried that! You know when those cracked lips? Then I used the Lip Fusion they disappeared! The lipstick is something
d and I love it is so nice *__*"

Apart from the Lip Fusion was launched ..
Lip Fusion Plump & Replump that promise to leave their large lips throughout the day!
Not yet tested this .. but if someone have tested please let us kno
w how it works!

" The next generation of lip plumping has arrived. LipFusion® Plump+RePlump Liquid Lipstick actually replumps every time you lick your lips! A breakthrough formula instantly plumps and hydrates using LipFusion's award-winning micro-injected collagen® and micro-injected hyaluronic acid® technology, while delivering rich, creamy, long-wearing liquid color. A breakthrough "lip matrix maximizer" reactivates with moisture to smooth, and re-plump all day.

The result? Fuller, firmer, sexier lips than ever before "

I tried in several places this miracle lipies prices! And the place that impressed me most was the price the store Brigette Boutique! Here are the prices and see how the store is a difference scary!

Fusion Beauty
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 38
Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 38

Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 38
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 38

Brigettes Boutique
Lip Fusion Plump Color Shine U$ 16
Lip Fusion Plump + Replump U$ 20

Besides Brigettes have a great price on Fusion Lip Plump
.. they also sell the Lip Plump's Victoria's Secret!

Victoria's Secret Very Voluptous Lip Plumper U$ 13

If you buy some of these Lipies .. please let me know! I want your experience =)

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applecider918 disse...

I don't really like using lip colors because I tend to eat the product off my lips. =]

Love your layout by the way!

FuN and MakeUp disse...

i LOVE hte packagin!! those rhinstones!! soo cute lol

Catherine disse...

Hi Jessy, thanks for commenting on my blog. =) You're right, my necklace is from DSK. I have 3 of her starfishie charms, but the golden shadow one is my favorite. I wear it like everyday. :D

Melissa disse...

I have never tried lip plumpers before. I think I should 'cuz I have small lips!

♥ Kendall ♥ disse...

I have a lip plumper from MAC, it tingles... Oh my how do I explain a camel toe....
Camel Toe: A vaginal wedgie("vedgie"), most commonly caused by tight pants that work their way into the crevices of the vaginia making a shape that clearly resembles a camel's toe.
lol, I forgot that American slang words don't always translate well into other languages.

MiuMiu disse...

thanks for the review! I think my mom uses this as well, but i never asked her about it haha