China Glaze

sábado, 4 de abril de 2009 |

Yes I won my first china glaze in the Giveaway blog of Abigail !
She is so sweet and nice .. I am very happy because now I have a china glaze to small decorata my nails!

Loved the color despite being a little different than I imagined
.. but I am happy the same way hehe =)

Here is my china glaze .. Hmm smell of new (love it!)

Funny that before receiving my package I was not fan of red nail haha

.. but that changed when I received my first china glaze!

I spent two layers on my nails .. and they were the color I wanted! When I saw the size of the enamel I was impressed because it is large compared to my other haha

[up] Although I am so happy to have received my first international enamel ... China Glaze is not all I thought! it is more expensive and is an enamel that peels easily Dries quickly but in a day =/
I only recommend it to a variety of beautiful colors and great size!

I painted my nails on Friday ... and on Saturday he was peels in several fingers haha could not have imagined that I'd need a top coat haha

But then .. which the enamel that you are now? Haha I'm curious, XOXO =)

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fuzkittie disse...

Aw congrats on winning it!!

applecider918 disse...

oooh! I heard they were nice. But they are pricier than drugstore brands. Do you like these better?

MiuMiu disse...

hi jessy, congrats on the giveaway =)
you don't moisturize everyday? *gasp*
hmm..the only moisturizers i can remember using are from aveeno, laneige, fancl, orbis and P&J. for night time i'm starting to prefer something more moisturizing so i would put the P&J ones on the top. but for the day time, i find that fancl and laneige work well. but during the winter months, laneige isn't moisturizing enough.
i'm not too sure what kind of good moisturizers are out there that contain SPF. i've been wanting to use shiseido "the skincare" line but it's just so pricey. i've tried samples of it a long time ago and i think they're great. if i'm not mistaken, there is a daytime moisturizer with SPF.

wow orange? lol well i could imagine orange to be nice depending on what you wear too XD

jhoicexoxo disse...

Wow coNgrats! That's indeed sweet, I am not a fan of red either, but i must admit, i like it on the 3rd pic, looks pretty Good on uR nails:<3

Rylie disse...

that's a really pretty color, congrads on winning

K disse...

thanks for commenting! I guess in Brazil you call them something else, but the wikipedia article is for empanadas!

Vanessa disse...

Hi Jessy! With products I don't like I usually just return it back to the store (since money is money!) Sephora and MAC as well as other companies have awesome return policies on their products. Any makeup I no longer use I give to my friends or my sister.

I agree, the colors start looking the same, MAC needs to switch it up!