Lumiere Cosmetics

sexta-feira, 3 de abril de 2009 |

Yeeeah! I'm so happy =)
Last week a package arrived with some products Lumiere for me !
And sorry it took to post here .. is that my sister had taken my digital camera loaned ..

1 Blush | 2 Foundation powder | 3 Silk powder | 2 Eyeshadow | 1 Eye pigment

First photo :
Foundation Medium Golden and Eye pigment Hypnotic

Second Photo :
Eye Shadow Raspberry Truffle and Eye Shadow Cafe Latte

Daily use the blush and the Silk Powder .. I love the setting of two of! During the morning they last on average 4 hours on my face ! I think a good fixing for mineral makeup .. Best of all is that makeup ... not smell! I find it very important because I do not like the smell of dead in my makeups Puahahaha !!

Lumiere Cosmetics

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